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The Homeschool Days Are Long, but the Years Go by Fast

When James and I brought our first little bundle of joy home from the hospital in 1992, I remember feeling like a jumbled ball of widely varying and often conflicting emotions, ranging from sheer happiness and inexpressible love—for both my husband and our new daughter—to being overwhelmed and utterly exhausted.

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Using Ring Binders to Tame the Paper Monster

If you’re like me, managing the piles of papers that accumulate can be a challenge. I find that having order in my home helps me accomplish a lot more and stay sane! One solution I really like is using 3-ring binders.

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Vocabulary Fun: Words of the Week

During our homeschooling years, one of the many goals I had for our daughters was for them to expand their vocabularies and develop good communication skills. I came up with a fun way to help them learn new vocabulary words that we called Words of the Week. We recognized the benefit of this activity one afternoon over lunch out at a restaurant when the girls were about 9 and 11.

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Starting a Small Homeschool Co-op

Would you like to add a little extra “spice” to your homeschool? Do you find that you don’t get around to those interesting hands-on projects you envision? Have you found yourself wanting to develop friendships with other homeschoolers and just don’t know where to begin? Consider starting a small co-op. It can be an enriching, rewarding experience in the home education journey!

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