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How Are You Doing?

When you experience the loss of a loved one, the question you get asked the most is, "How are you doing?" This is a reasonable question, an honest inquiry from those who care about you, an expression of love ... and a hard one to answer. These were my thoughts about two months after our daughter Alex died.

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The Gift of Joy in the Midst of Grief

Grief changes. It lessens. The edges soften. Sorrow makes an occasional appearance, but it doesn’t threaten to take me under. There are moments where tears spring forth, and it’s okay when they do, but it’s not so often anymore. It’s only been six months since our daughter took her life. It feels like it's been longer ... and somehow it feels more recent at the same time.

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Memorial Service - Alexandra Manos

On Monday, August 7, 2017, we gathered together at the Mesa Campus of Hillsong Phoenix with family, friends, and community to remember our daughter Alexandra Gabrielle Manos. We are thankful to Hillsong for video recording the ceremony for us.

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