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Not-So-Secret Admirer

Have you ever been the object of affection for a secret admirer? Someone who is passionately, intensely, acutely interested in you? Someone who goes to great lengths to be around you, to learn all they can about you, and to surprise you with gifts and trinkets that bring you joy? I have a confession. I am a not-so-secret admirer.

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Prepared for a new year?

I've noticed in recent years that the older I get the faster the days, months, and years seem to whisk past me at an ever-increasing rate. Have you noticed this phenomenon, too? I mean really, wasn't it just January 2012 five minutes ago? Ha! Often the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day have a little different cadence than the rest of the year for me. We spend more time with family and friends, we attend holiday gatherings, and we bake and shop and enjoy all of the Christmas hullabaloo. We also reflect on the past year while looking ahead to what the new year might bring.

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