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The Gift of Joy in the Midst of Grief

Grief changes. It lessens. The edges soften. Sorrow makes an occasional appearance, but it doesn’t threaten to take me under. There are moments where tears spring forth, and it’s okay when they do, but it’s not so often anymore. It’s only been six months since our daughter took her life. It feels like it's been longer ... and somehow it feels more recent at the same time.

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Memorial Service - Alexandra Manos

On Monday, August 7, 2017, we gathered together at the Mesa Campus of Hillsong Phoenix with family, friends, and community to remember our daughter Alexandra Gabrielle Manos. We are thankful to Hillsong for video recording the ceremony for us.

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Remembering Alex

On Thursday, June 29, 2017, our 23-year-old daughter's life came to an abrupt and heartbreaking end when she took her life. Alexandra Gabrielle Manos (Alex) was one of the most kind, thoughtful, gentle souls, and one of the greatest gifts our life and in the lives of so many who knew her.

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Let Kindness Rule

The silver SUV was heading the opposite direction as I drove to the post office, when suddenly the driver did a U-turn right in front of me. I honked. And I griped to no one as I mentally went through a list of better choices the guy could have made so that I didn’t have to hit my brakes suddenly. He turned down a side street and I drove on. I quickly forgot about the incident.

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Over the past month, since my mom passed away, I’ve been deep cleaning our home room by room. Last night, while working in my mom’s room, it occurred to me that there are a lot of boxes in life.

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